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Prepare for your future with CareerAhead

When you join the International Study Centre (ISC) we will help you develop the skills you need for academic success and also for your future career. We have developed a special new careers service which is integrated within your studies that will help you become a work-ready graduate when you finish your academic studies.

What is CareerAhead?

CareerAhead is a programme built into your ISC studies, designed to give you a head start in a competitive graduate employment market. It will help you become an employable and highly skilled graduate. We will guide you towards making the right choices and using your time at the University of Law productively, so that you can maximise your chances of success in the competitive job market. 

How it works

Stage 1: When you arrive at the ISC 
During your first semester at the ISC you will complete a skills assessment questionnaire, similar to the one used by graduate employers. This skills assessment will help you identify your existing skills and development opportunities. The results will form the basis of your personal career development plan. 

Stage 2: During your ISC course
As part of your ISC course you will be able to develop key skills that you can use in a professional working environment, such as planning and leadership. We will teach you how to write a CV and personal statement that will impress future employers, and help you develop your interview and presentation skills. We will work with you individually and in small groups to help you build a personal development plan, used throughout the ISC and time at University.

Stage 3: After progression to the University
During your degree studies at the University you will complete the assignments set out in your personal career development plan. This will ensure that when you graduate you have a globally recognised degree and the skills you need throughout your career.

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